Efficient and effective flow of people, materials and products is integral to continued prosperity in the Athabasca Oil Sands Area.

Our regional success hinges on strategic foresight and timely provision of key infrastructure, including the right mix of roads, highways, rail and air transport systems, power and other critical supports.

These investments not only build a better future by creating jobs and enhancing health and safety, they deliver lasting assets within the region.

The OSCA is committed to working with all stakeholders to identify and advance next generation infrastructure that improves productivity, safety and quality of life.

We are also proud advocates for the improvement of vital transportation links and initiatives that aim to decrease congestion, including the twinning of Highway 63 and upgrading of Highway 881.


Foster collaboration amongst stakeholders to help plan, prioritize, and promote the development of infrastructure by governments and industry in Alberta’s oil sands.

Our Strategic Mandate

  • Identify changing priorities and infrastructure needs of the region
  • Enhance decision making and investment planning
  • Develop collaborative solutions

Priority Working Areas

  • Ground Transportation
  • Aviation
  • Camps
  • Power and Cogeneration


Other Focus Areas