The Canadian Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) is proud to stand at the forefront of energy innovation, both in recovery and production of unconventional energy resources and in the pursuit of greener technologies for oil sands production. In this tradition, 13 major oil sand companies came together in 2012 to commit to the creation of COSIA and the shared vision of bringing the best minds together to improve measurement, accountability and environmental performance in the oil sands.  Progress has been achieved by identifying, developing and applying solution-oriented innovation to the most pressing oil sands environmental challenges.

Examples of current COSIA GHG projects include:

In developing the next generation of innovators the oil sands member companies are also proud to offer a wide variety of academic scholarships to encourage students to pursue a future in science and technology. Funding such as the Canadian Oil Sands Network for Research and Development Scholarship, worth $10,000 annually, are aimed at encouraging university students who have strong, creative ideas for new technology to pursue their projects and help bring new solutions to the market.

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