Report Release: Oil Sands Priorities for the Athabasca Region

The oil sands industry understands the importance of building communities that have a high quality of life including health, education, efficient infrastructure, recreation and cultural opportunities. By combining our efforts and expertise with local stakeholders, we are better able to build shared value and healthy communities to enable the sustainable development of Canada’s oil sands and the region where we operate. The Oil Sands Community Alliance focuses its efforts in the Athabasca Oil Sands Area (AOSA), which includes the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB), Lac La Biche and the Municipal District of Opportunity No.17.

The prosperity and well-being of the industry and our communities are interlinked. Over the decades, our sector and the region have prospered from a spirit of cooperation and collaboration that has generated countless and diverse benefits.  Continued collaboration is key as we chart our path forward. The collective future of residents, stakeholder groups and the oil sands industry is intertwined. A competitive oil sands industry means sustainability for the communities in the region.

While issues and opportunities are constantly changing, OSCA remains committed to taking a collaborative approach to identify, prioritize and manage the socio-economic impacts of oil sands development. Harnessing collective energy leads to better representation, use of resources and informed choices regarding socio-economic impacts on the communities where our members operate.

We have the unique opportunity to strengthen the region while enabling responsible growth of Canada’s oil sands. Access our latest report to learn more about Oil Sands Priorities for the Athabasca Region.

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