As an industry we strive to ensure every one of our workers arrives home safely at the end of each workday. For the oil sands, safety is a holistic term that goes beyond simply following a rule book or wearing the appropriate protective equipment.

For us, safety in the oil sands industry means:

  • Safety of people (including workers, community and the public)
  • Safe and reliable operations
  • Product stewardship of crude oil throughout its transportation lifecycle (including pipeline, marine, rail and truck)

In order to promote the highest standards and accountability, industry safety associations have acted to support oil sands operators in the continuous improvement of site safety. The safety of people, process operations and our products rely on a culture of safety fostered by our leadership. To that end multiple workshops and awareness initiatives have been created to develop the leading industry safety practices including:

This commitment to a strong safety culture has resulted in a recorded and steady decrease in the number of total claims as a result of workplace accidents across industry operations in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan over the last 15 years.

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